Located in Austin, TX, SAvery is a social enterprise take on a food truck where 10% of all sales are given to organizations that are fighting against modern day slavery. Established April 1, 2015.

The Idea

The idea of SAvery began while the owner, Avery Harris, was abroad on a Christian Humanitarian trip where she spent 11 months in 11 countries.

“ I had the incredible opportunity to work with amazing organizations, like Wipe Every Tear, who are physically fighting against social injustice. Organizations that are helping formerly enslaved women, men and children to become self-sufficient through healing, equipping and giving of their time/finances. After working against slavery, my heart was broken, producing an ongoing desire to fight against both local and global injustice. I not only want my truck to be a way to donate to organizations in dire financial need, but also to bring awareness that now is the time to stand up and stop modern day slavery. Whether it’s to shed a little light in our customers’ lives or to financially support a woman, child or man to escape from a life they had of slavery; my vision for SAvery is to create a wave of change. I want to feed the world physically, emotionally and spiritually; helping in any way I can to make it a better place.”

Why grilled cheese?

SAvery appreciates the versatility of grilled cheese. There are endless options from the meats, to the spreads, to the produce, to the cheeses; it’s just what we need for grilled perfection! We are taking a staple everyone loves and putting our own creative twist on it. SAvery will have seasonal menus, never ceasing to bring variety to the customer’s palette. Gluten Intolerant? No problem! SAvery has delicious white bread made by the local and wonderful Wild Wood Bakehouse as an option just for you! All of SAvery’s vendors are local, making the business both locally and globally conscious.

SAvery hopes to see you at it’s truck sometime soon. We hope you choose to:


“Take a Bite to Fight Slavery with SAvery!”